Scents and Sensibility

This month’s scent will have you wishing you were off on a bohemian adventure:Byredo Gypsy Waters Eau de Parfum

Trying to find the perfect scent for my wedding is no mean feat and I was seriously toying with the idea of going with a classic scent like Chanel Coco Mademoiselle, that was until I discovered this little bottle of deliciousness. It’s a beautiful and vibrant woody fusion of bergamot and pine needles – both smells I am immediately drawn to. 

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This is a fragrance for a free spirited soul yearning for a wanderlust scent that satisfies their urge to roam freely. It has the depth and smokiness of campfires mixed perfectly with the scent and freshness of a forest. It’s perfect for both men and women. 

It’s enchantingly individual but not overpowering and is the perfect selection for those who like a lighter fragrance but wishes to avoid something floral.

It boasts top notes of Bergamot, Juniper Berries, Lemon and Pepper and has a heart of Incense, Orris, Pine Needles. It dries down with a base of Amber, Sandalwood, Vanilla.

The Eau De Parfum comes in two formats 50mL and 100mL and if you fall as madly in love with this scent like I did there’s a bunch of other products you can buy from the Byredo Gypsy Waters family to really double down on the fragrance. 

  • Hair Mist – much better than spraying just regular perfume on your locks!
  • Roll On Oil – handbag ready for on the go scent perfection
  • Cologne – a lighter version of the fragrance instead of the EDP
  • Body Lotion – a great way to keep your skin lightly hydrated and smelling divine
  • Soap – the perfect addition to your guest bathroom to give a luxe experience
  • Hand Cream – pop this on your office desk for wafts of delight and hydration for your hands throughout the day
  • Body Wash – a way to intensify the scent or to make sure you drift off to sleep smelling wonderful
  • Body Cream – a slightly heavier cream and the perfect companion to apply before going out (or even to bed!)

Oil Patrol

Our guide to finding the best skincare for oily skin

I feel like so many people these days are so confused and overwhelmed as to what skincare they should buy and honestly, I feel you. I have a bunch of friends come to me every week asking for tips and tricks to overcome their battle with oil, so today this one is for you!

Before I get stuck in, I wanted to share the same comforting words I always share with my slick sisters out there. Even if it feels like your face is melting off, there are some benefits, I promise. Did you know that you’ll actually age better i.e. less wrinkles? Did you know that you’re more resistant to sun damage? Did you know you have the ability to prolong hydration? Basically, you are a unicorn who will age incredibly well. Take comfort in that. Now go shine your light on the world!

Let’s start at the beginning

Make sure you always, always, always cleanse. I would recommend using a 2% salicylic acid cleanser. This bad boy breaks down oil in your pores without drying you out completely meaning your oil glands go into hyperdrive.

In the buff

Scrub those dead skin cells away and clean out those pores baby girl. I like to scrub maybe once a week (because I also use an exfoliator). You might be thinking they are the same thing, however, whilst they are both superheroes they wear different capes. A scrub is a product where there are physical grains which you use in a circular motion to slough away dry or old skin. Exfoliators break down the bonds that dead skin cells have on our healthy living cells by way of chemicals. For those with sensitive skin, this might be your best option. Also, don’t fear the word chemical some of them are actually natural – you may have heard them referred to as AHAs or BHAs. BHAs are actually best used by those with oily skin because they work more deeply. Now ya know!

Mask on

Clay or salicylic acid masks will do the trick here. I like to do this once a week with a cup of tea whilst I read my book in bed. Hello, old age. This is a great way to troubleshoot any underlying issues whilst detoxifying and purifying your skin.

Say hello to hyaluronic acid. This little guy balances water and oil like a tightrope walker – with ease and utter perfection. Bonjour controlled oil production.

Use a Moisturizer

This is important. Please don’t miss this step. Moisturize. Moisturize. Moisturize. Now, this may seem counter-intuitive because you’re thinking “Listen, lady, my skin is oily AF.” Khalas. But you’d be wrong girlfriend. Hydration keeps oil production under control and just because you have oily skin doesn’t mean you don’t need this step. Oily skin needs nourishment to maintain skin barrier health. Look for moisturizers that have the words oil-free or matte featured though. You can moisturize once or twice a day, depending on your need.

Apply Sunscreen

UV rays make your skin dehydrated and subsequently makes your sebaceous glands enlarged… mmm sexy… which basically means your skin is stimulated and starts producing more oil. Uh oh. SPF errywhere.

Eat more Vitamin A and stick to only having spicy food once a week. This is a weird one I know, but according to #science it dilates your blood vessels and makes you sweat/oily. Weird


Spotlight On: Pureology

Finding the right shampoo, conditioner and mask can take quite a while. It’s like searching for a BFF you never knew you needed (or had!) but when you find it, damn mama, it makes a difference

So thought I’d share some of the best combinations of haircare that will make your tresses look long and luscious in only a few washes. I’ve personally tried all routines (apart from the Oily hair one as this isn’t an issue I face) but can vouch for all.

Dry and damaged

Anyone who knows me, knows that what I’m about to recommend is literally life changing. Pureology Hydrate Shampoo and Conditioner is my go to honey booboo. They have never let me down and can honestly say that ever since I introduced them into my weekly hair washing game my hair has given repunzel a run for her money. For the gals out there who suffer with dry ends and need an extra little bit of nourishment these two will be your newly found pals. If you want to show extra love for your locks, pick up the mask too and let it soak into your ends at least once a week for a few minutes!

Flat hair

There is nothing more sad than pancake hair and let’s be real, when it comes to visit it’s like that aunty that gives you super wet kisses on the cheeks… it’s completely unwanted and not appreciated. Fortunately there’s some Pureology products to help you banish the lifeless locks. Introduce Clean Volume to your showers. Wash your hair a couple of times a week with these bad boys and your hair will be bouncing off your head in no time. If you really wanna double down on the lift there’s a weightless mousse and levitation mist that you run through your tresses while they’re still damp and blitz with the blow drier for some extra oomph.


When humidity strikes say hello to the frizz. When horrible hair day gets you down, run to this little bottle of goodness Smooth Perfection to bring some law and order to your rebellious strands. If you need some heavy duty control, also introduce some of their Smooth Perfection serum to keep you on the straight and narrow (litch!)


For my fine haired sisters, don’t despair there’s products for you too! Fullfyl by Pureology is going to be your newest best friend. After you’ve used the shampoo and conditioner from this family follow up by spritzing some of their densifying spray. Don’t stress, the formula hasn’t got an ounce of grease so you can rest assured you won’t be fighting an oil-slick sitch.


Speaking of oiliness, we can’t forget our friends out there who are on the daily wash hustle. I honestly take my hat off to you gals. Washing your hair everyday must not only consume a lot of time but energy. So to try and take back some of those precious minutes of your life pick up some bottles of Pureology Purify shampoo and conditioner and see not only your hair but your life change.


Olive You – Makeup for Oily Skin

If you have olive skin, let me tell you, you are blessed and the chances are you already know it. Olive skinned folk look like they are constantly bronzed and on holiday meaning there’s no need for fake tans or sunbeds – how dreamy. There’s plenty of options to play with so we have summed up a few that are a sure fire way to feel smokin’ hot in no time

Summer brights

Swipe some pops of colour onto your face to really make that olive skin shine. Fortunately for you,  you can play with almost anything but pinks, oranges and bronzey hues are going to instantly glow. Why not pick up a multi-use cheek or face palette – you can use anything from NYX to NARS!

Something firey

Because you have some warmth in your skin it’s best to play up on this. You can also introduce some neutrals to create some depth. I’m not saying you can’t use cooler tones but your beautiful olive complexion won’t pop as much. A super good palette to pick up is the Urban Decay Naked Reloaded. One of my gorg friends recently gave this to me for my birthday and let me tell you honey, it creates lewks. The tones really complement my brown eyes and warmer complexion (if I do say so myself) and have been using this pretty much every day to create some pretty banging eye looks ever since.

Give ‘em lip

Get nude or go bright, the world is your oyster when it comes to lip shades. If you go for a bright and bold shade it will really make that golden skin pop. Berry shades are nice and warm and are perfect if you’re wanting to achieve a more sassy look (always, honey!). I personally love a coral colour or even fuschia for those high summer days and nights. If bright vibes aren’t your thing, that’s cool go for a warmer brown which is a little less on the wild side.

Go for gold

If the idea of swipin’ colour onto your face has you feeling weird things, that’s OK why not make your natural olive skinned beauty pop by playing around with goldy hues. I love mixing in a highlighting drop into my foundation for that healthy glow finish. If you want to double down on this, brush some golden highlighter along your cheekbones, down your nose and a little on your cupids bow. Don’t go too crazy with this though – you don’t want to look like an oil slick. Finish off by brushing up your brows for that model chic look and lick your lashes with a good amount of mascara. Now you’re good to go! Shine that olivey goodness onto the world.