oil patrol


I feel like so many people these days are so confused and overwhelmed as to what skincare they should buy and honestly, I feel you. I have a bunch of friends come to me every week asking for tips and tricks to overcome their battle with oil, so today this one is for you!

Before I get stuck in, I wanted to share the same comforting words I always share with my slick sisters out there. Even if it feels like your face is melting off, there are some benefits, I promise. Did you know that you’ll actually age better i.e. less wrinkles? Did you know that you’re more resistant to sun damage? Did you know you have the ability to prolong hydration? Basically, you are a unicorn who will age incredibly well. Take comfort in that. Now go shine your light on the world!


Make sure you always, always, always cleanse. I would recommend using a 2% salicylic acid cleanser. This bad boy breaks down oil in your pores without drying you out completely meaning your oil glands go into hyperdrive.


Scrub those dead skin cells away and clean out those pores baby girl. I like to scrub maybe once a week (because I also use an exfoliator). You might be thinking they are the same thing, however, whilst they are both superheroes they wear different capes. A scrub is a product where there are physical grains which you use in a circular motion to slough away dry or old skin. Exfoliators break down the bonds that dead skin cells have on our healthy living cells by way of chemicals. For those with sensitive skin, this might be your best option. Also, don’t fear the word chemical some of them are actually natural – you may have heard them referred to as AHAs or BHAs. BHAs are actually best used by those with oily skin because they work more deeply. Now ya know!


Clay or salicylic acid masks will do the trick here. I like to do this once a week with a cup of tea whilst I read my book in bed. Hello, old age. This is a great way to troubleshoot any underlying issues whilst detoxifying and purifying your skin.

Say hello to hyaluronic acid. This little guy balances water and oil like a tightrope walker – with ease and utter perfection. Bonjour controlled oil production.


This is important. Please don’t miss this step. Moisturize. Moisturize. Moisturize. Now, this may seem counter-intuitive because you’re thinking “Listen, lady, my skin is oily AF.” Khalas. But you’d be wrong girlfriend. Hydration keeps oil production under control and just because you have oily skin doesn’t mean you don’t need this step. Oily skin needs nourishment to maintain skin barrier health. Look for moisturizers that have the words oil-free or matte featured though. You can moisturize once or twice a day, depending on your need.


UV rays make your skin dehydrated and subsequently makes your sebaceous glands enlarged… mmm sexy… which basically means your skin is stimulated and starts producing more oil. Uh oh. SPF errywhere.

Eat more Vitamin A and stick to only having spicy food once a week. This is a weird one I know, but according to #science it dilates your blood vessels and makes you sweat/oily. Weird