olive you : makeup for oily skin

If you have olive skin, let me tell you, you are blessed and the chances are you already know it. Olive skinned folk look like they are constantly bronzed and on holiday meaning there’s no need for fake tans or sunbeds – how dreamy. There’s plenty of options to play with so we have summed up a few that are a sure fire way to feel smokin’ hot in no time


Swipe some pops of colour onto your face to really make that olive skin shine. Fortunately for you,  you can play with almost anything but pinks, oranges and bronzey hues are going to instantly glow. Why not pick up a multi-use cheek or face palette – you can use anything from NYX to NARS!


Because you have some warmth in your skin it’s best to play up on this. You can also introduce some neutrals to create some depth. I’m not saying you can’t use cooler tones but your beautiful olive complexion won’t pop as much. A super good palette to pick up is the Urban Decay Naked Reloaded. One of my gorg friends recently gave this to me for my birthday and let me tell you honey, it creates lewks. The tones really complement my brown eyes and warmer complexion (if I do say so myself) and have been using this pretty much every day to create some pretty banging eye looks ever since.


Get nude or go bright, the world is your oyster when it comes to lip shades. If you go for a bright and bold shade it will really make that golden skin pop. Berry shades are nice and warm and are perfect if you’re wanting to achieve a more sassy look (always, honey!). I personally love a coral colour or even fuschia for those high summer days and nights. If bright vibes aren’t your thing, that’s cool go for a warmer brown which is a little less on the wild side.


If the idea of swipin’ colour onto your face has you feeling weird things, that’s OK why not make your natural olive skinned beauty pop by playing around with goldy hues. I love mixing in a highlighting drop into my foundation for that healthy glow finish. If you want to double down on this, brush some golden highlighter along your cheekbones, down your nose and a little on your cupids bow. Don’t go too crazy with this though – you don’t want to look like an oil slick. Finish off by brushing up your brows for that model chic look and lick your lashes with a good amount of mascara. Now you’re good to go! Shine that olivey goodness onto the world.