How does it work?

You fill in your survey and tell us all about you, we then match you to the best beauty products for you and also pop in samples to try first and send it your way. You have a week to try your samples and decide on what you’d like to keep. After you’ve decided, just send us an email or WhatsApp and we will arrange a courier to collect any returns then we’ll send you a link to pay the balance of whatever you’ve kept.

How do I make the payment?

Once you hit submit you’ll be redirected to a payment page for the deposit. Once you process this payment we will start work on your box. We’ll send you your box and once you’ve decided what you’d like to keep we’ll send you a new link to make the balance payment.

Can I use the deposit towards my box?

You can use your AED 100 deposit on a spend of AED 200 or more. If you decide to keep less than this, it won’t be redeemable. This just helps us cover the ops cost of all the samples, shipping, box and of course our love and attention!

How do I schedule my delivery?

We’ll let you know when your box is ready to be sent out and then we’ll arrange a time for delivery that is convenient for you.

How do I return my products?

For our Dubai customers you can schedule this automatically in your profile (we’re working on the other Emirates ASAP!).

For all our other Emirates, just message or email us and our team will arrange a pick up time that is convenient for you so you don’t have to lift a finger!

Can I buy products directly from you and not use your beauty stylist service?

Drop us a message on Insta or a cheeky email and we might be able to help (but no guarantees).

How do I replenish what I’ve previously received?

You can do this on your profile! So set the frequency to your hearts desire and you’ll never have to worry about running out of your goodies again send us a message or email and we will send it your way in a jiffy.

If you’re still confused, reach out and we can help you OR send us a message and we will send it your way in a jiffy.

What brands do you stock?

Check out our brands page sister! There’s a bunch there we know you’re gonna fall in love with.