how it works


you beaut. is an unbiased beauty stylist service for women and men where products are carefully selected based on your individual beauty goals and budget (and with no hidden agenda!)

tell us about you

We want to know all of the juicy details from skin type, current routine, to budget so we can get to know you better and make sure the products sent to you are the perfect match.

we pick products

Once you’ve shared all your deets, we will go and do our homework to select only the best beauty products for you – our boxes are like people, no two are the same!

try before you buy

We carefully pack all the little treasures into a super fun box, plus we pop in little samples of the products to try before opening any of the real products

special delivery

Once you pay a small non-refundable deposit and we will send it your way in a flash. But don’t worry, if you decide to buy any of the products in your curated box you can use the deposit towards the balance owed. Dreamy.

get ready to fall in love

Whatever you love and can’t stand to part with you keep and pay for, whatever doesn’t tickle your pickle you’re free to send it back at no cost.