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Aeos why we love this brand:

Scandi styled packaging means it looks a dream on your shelf, but don’t worry it does a bangin’ job and is the perfect little beauts to add to your routine

Birdbath why we love this brand:

We love this handcrafted small-batch luxury skincare and candle brand from Southern California. Filled with all the highest quality ingredients and are free from cruelty, parabens and phthalates

Body Boom why we love this brand:

One of the OGs of coffee scrubs these bad boys are the best at getting rid of dead and dull old skin and helps to kick cellulites butt thanks to the caffeine injection. You can even get it in a shimmer shade if you’re going out-out

Bohemian Reves why we love this brand:

Hailing from the East Coast of the US, this beaut brand focuses heavily on plant based beauty solutions and creates dreamy small batch skincare and hand poured candles. They’re super easy to use, vegan and organic too!

Broken Top why we love this brand:

Arriving all the way from the mountains in Oregon USA these hand poured products are made with love and beautiful ingredients. The first thing you’ll notice about these beauties is just how gorgeous they smell and feel.

Color Wow why we love this brand:

Wanna be your own hairdresser with locks looking like you’ve just stepped out of a salon seat? We gotchu. A bunch of different super products for a bunch of different needs, you can’t go wrong with these cuties

Davines why we love this brand:

One of our cult classics, the davines ranges are a dream. Sustainable and with an ingredient (no nasties) led approach your hair, body and the environment will thank you. The products are hard working and the ultimate shower BFF

Daymellow why we love this brand:

We love this Korean brand because it’s filled with only the good stuff like pure natural ingredients so you know it’s gonna do a great job at looking after your skin

Derma-Dr why we love this brand:

Derma Dr is one of the OG clinical skincare brands that is actually still cool. The formulas are all hypoallergenic, multi-tasking and obvs highly effective. LOVE.

Dr.Althea why we love this brand:

Fancy your inner glow to become very very real instantly? This brand’s for you! This Korean brand boasts super friendly skin formulas and ingredients are perf for sensitive to severe skinned beauts.

Earth Harbor why we love this brand:

This gorg brand is super close to our heart because they make mega cute ocean inspired products that are ethical, sustainable and effective. Oh, by the way they’re natural, vegan, fair trade and cruelty free.

Edible Beauty why we love this brand:

Not just pretty packaging, the formula packs a serious punch too! Beauty so good for you, you could eat it (but don’t – that sh*ts not cheap)

Emma Hardie why we love this brand:

One of the OG beauty brands from the UK, there’s a few cult classic products that will become your ride or dies after first use! From SPF to oil cleansers, it smells divine and is crazy effective. LOVE!

Erborian why we love this brand:

K-beauty at it’s best. The textures, the performance, the scent – you litch can’t go wrong. There’s something for everyone in this brands portfolio. A true delight to use!

Evolve why we love this brand:

Lovingly handmade in the UK these gorg little bottles are packed with antioxidants, and natural oils, butters and extracts so you know they’re super good for your skin. They’re also vegan, cruelty free and eco-friendly. AKA amaze.

Giorgio Armani why we love this brand:

Armani beauty is a statement and their products are a dream. From their perfectly chic foundation to their signature scents, we absolutely love this Italian powerhouse.

Glam and grace why we love this brand:

Fancy nabbing yourself some super fun makeup that is non-toxic, silicone, paraben and cruelty free? This handcrafted beauty brand should do the trick! Also the packaging is mega cute!

Grown Alchemist why we love this brand:

Hailing from the Aussie shores like us, these beautiful products might be more on the luxey side but they are so worth it. Filled with lots of goodness, they are amaze at taking care of your skin

Lancome why we love this brand:

What’s not to love about this brand? Everyone from our best friends, younger sisters and mamas use this and for good reason the formulas pack a serious punch, their makeup goes on like a dream and their fragrances are legendary

L'Occitane why we love this brand:

Fancy being transported to Provence? Honestly, same. Their products are not only divine to use (and smell) but they do a banging job too. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

Mad Hippie why we love this brand:

We love a hippie moment as much as the next gal and these products are a dream to use! No nasties and super effective – just the way we like our products!

Madara why we love this brand:

Founded by 5 women this brands ethos is totally around skincare that is so natural and good for you, you could eat it (but don’t, obvs). Hailing from Europe they wanted to cut through all the marketing claims and make no nonsense super amaze products

Mario Badescu why we love this brand:

NYC chic skincare doesn’t have to break the bank and this brand has cult following for a reason! Their skincare systems cater to every skin type and concern imaginable. The formulas are no-nonsense and a dream to use. This is a staple in team You Beaut’s routine.

Molton Brown why we love this brand:

OMG the dreamy scents of Motlon Brown in our shower and home are delightful, they have a scent for everyone and every mood. These are too good to save for house guests only, spoil yourself – life’s hard! You deserve it

Mother Mother why we love this brand:

This brand helps mamas take care of themselves on their journey to becoming a mother and after that too! It’s female founded, packed full of clean ingredients and features sustainable packaging so you can look and feel good.

Naturally Vain why we love this brand:

Created by a Canadian family who were tired of all the nasties found in products they decided to create their own line using only the best natural oils and butters creating premium handmade natural and vegan products free from cruelty,

Ola Bamboo why we love this brand:

This Canadian brand is super eco-responsible and make gorg eco-friendly products to reduce the plastic consumption and carbon footprint of the beauty world. We are big fans of their machine washable reusable makeup remover pads!

Patchology why we love this brand:

Holy sheet (mask)! Need the ultimate mask to troubleshoot your problems or achieve your skincare goals? Hello, you’ve come to the right place! Welcome to mask heaven

Phenome why we love this brand:

This is another one of our beaut natural brands that harmonizes with skin to leave you looking ultra radiant and nourished. It’s made from plant waters and certified organic ingredients, it’s vegan, not tested on animals and made in Europe. We love a brand with a good ethos!

Rahua why we love this brand:

This little baby was developed to revitalise your hair and scalp and features a key ingredient found in the Amazonian rainforest. It’s free from all those nasties you’ll find in supermarket haircare (looking at you parabens, sulphates and gluten). It’s mega ethical and super effective

Rodial why we love this brand:

On the more expensive side, but so worth it. Some of their products are amazing flankers to add into your routine (and totes worth the investment)

Routine why we love this brand:

Wanna eliminate all the bad stuff from your beauty routine? You’re in luck! Free from all the bad stuff you shouldn’t put under your pits this deo actually works and is quite fun to use!

Sachajuan why we love this brand:

Salon grade hair care products but with an aesthetically pleasing design. It does a bangin’ job at taming those tresses no matter what your hair goals are

why we love this brand:

Another Aussie number to come into the You Beaut fam, we lovet his brand for it’s no nasties ethos, beautiful formulas and insta worthy packaging. A staple in our beauty closet!

Solo Giovane why we love this brand:

Makeup and skincare shouldn’t make your gorg skin angry which is why we love this brand so much. It’s long-lasting, easy to use, has a focus on natural ingredients and is super gentle! (and affordable!)

Soprano Labs why we love this brand:

We love this little American brand because everything smells divine and the products do a bangin’ job. Also bonus because everything is vegan, handmade in small batches and is free from cruelty, phthalates, parabens, mineral oils and petroleum.

Summer Stories why we love this brand:

An Aussie hero of ours, we love this new kid on the block. The packaging is as vibrant as their formula and is inpsired by the scents and scenes of down under. It’s super effective on all hair types and looks way too cute to boot on your shower shelf.

Sum Bum why we love this brand:

Californian vibes from the first squeeze , their products are brill for your face, hair and bod. Our go to SPF products and their hair sea salt spray is delish!

Surf's Up why we love this brand:

We love a female founded business and this one started off by making beaut candles which quickly developed into a body care and home line too! Made with all natural and delish smelling ingredients this is one of our customers faves!  

Sway why we love this brand:

This gorg skincare line hails from Cali and the formulas are super effective and the packaging is way cute. Made with naturally derived and clean ingredients, they are vegan and free from cruelty, parabens, gluten and synthetic fragrances.

Taylor Street why we love this brand:

Fancy something that will help you look, feel and smell good? We gotchu. This brand uses food grade ingredients and focus on olive, avo, coco and castor oils as well as shea butter so your skin is in for a good time!

The Good Hippie why we love this brand:

Small batch, natural, artisanal, handcrafted? Sign us up. All the way from Texas this skin and body line helps to nourish, enhance, protect and and nurture your skin and mind. How calming!

The Little Bubble why we love this brand:

These little babies are handmade using the cold press method and feature a bunch of local (to Oklahoma, USA), natural, organic and sustainable ingredients. Good for you and fun to use – that’s our kind of vibe!

The Olfactory why we love this brand:

This NYC number works with all the world’s top perfumers to bring beaut and unique fragrances to their customers. They have everything from perfumes to body washes and lotions and all products are vegan!

The Simplicity line why we love this brand:

We love a homegrown UAE brand! The first ever product from them is an absolute gem at preventing stretchmarks and there’s only 9 simple ingredients found inside so you don’t have to worry about any nasties. Even though it was made for stretchmarks it’s a great multipurpose balm and does a super job at injecting serious nourishment into your skin

Whispering Willow why we love this brand:

We love how these products perform (and smell!) but also the ethos behind this brand – they are community and environmentally focused and also support the inclusion of natural, organic and sustainable ingredients (that are free from sulfates, parabens, artificial fragrances and dyes).

YSL why we love this brand:

Fun and fashion forward we love this beauty brand! From their fragrances to lipsticks and everything in between you know you’re getting a little bit of luxe and a whole lot of high octane beauty