Spotlight On: Pureology

Finding the right shampoo, conditioner and mask can take quite a while. It’s like searching for a BFF you never knew you needed (or had!) but when you find it, damn mama, it makes a difference

So thought I’d share some of the best combinations of haircare that will make your tresses look long and luscious in only a few washes. I’ve personally tried all routines (apart from the Oily hair one as this isn’t an issue I face) but can vouch for all.

Dry and damaged

Anyone who knows me, knows that what I’m about to recommend is literally life changing. Pureology Hydrate Shampoo and Conditioner is my go to honey booboo. They have never let me down and can honestly say that ever since I introduced them into my weekly hair washing game my hair has given repunzel a run for her money. For the gals out there who suffer with dry ends and need an extra little bit of nourishment these two will be your newly found pals. If you want to show extra love for your locks, pick up the mask too and let it soak into your ends at least once a week for a few minutes!

Flat hair

There is nothing more sad than pancake hair and let’s be real, when it comes to visit it’s like that aunty that gives you super wet kisses on the cheeks… it’s completely unwanted and not appreciated. Fortunately there’s some Pureology products to help you banish the lifeless locks. Introduce Clean Volume to your showers. Wash your hair a couple of times a week with these bad boys and your hair will be bouncing off your head in no time. If you really wanna double down on the lift there’s a weightless mousse and levitation mist that you run through your tresses while they’re still damp and blitz with the blow drier for some extra oomph.


When humidity strikes say hello to the frizz. When horrible hair day gets you down, run to this little bottle of goodness Smooth Perfection to bring some law and order to your rebellious strands. If you need some heavy duty control, also introduce some of their Smooth Perfection serum to keep you on the straight and narrow (litch!)


For my fine haired sisters, don’t despair there’s products for you too! Fullfyl by Pureology is going to be your newest best friend. After you’ve used the shampoo and conditioner from this family follow up by spritzing some of their densifying spray. Don’t stress, the formula hasn’t got an ounce of grease so you can rest assured you won’t be fighting an oil-slick sitch.


Speaking of oiliness, we can’t forget our friends out there who are on the daily wash hustle. I honestly take my hat off to you gals. Washing your hair everyday must not only consume a lot of time but energy. So to try and take back some of those precious minutes of your life pick up some bottles of Pureology Purify shampoo and conditioner and see not only your hair but your life change.


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