terms & conditions

Try the samples, but please don’t open the real products – whatever has been opened is unable to be returned and means you have to pay for it.

Send back whatever products you don’t want (and that are unopened) within 7 days otherwise you will be charged the full value of the box.

Some products are unable to have samples or swatch cards sent along with them, these include but aren’t limited to: eyeliners, brow products, sheet masks, palettes and mascaras. So if you open them, you’re playing (and paying) for keeps.

Wanna know some great news? The deposit you paid is redeemable against product but only if you spend a minimum of AED 200 however your deposit is non-refundable! Sadly there is another but… if you don’t end up keeping anything or spending below AED 200 A) we’re super sorry that you didn’t fall head over heels in love with our service and B) the deposit is unable to be refunded or applied as credit towards your purchase. This just helps to cover the time, operations and logistics costs behind curating every box we send out so lovingly. That’s it for the fine print for now! Our legal guys wanted to include way more but we nearly ran out of space.

We are a beauty stylist service and do not replace going to see licensed medical practitioners. Any advice or recommendations are given based on our own research and customer feedback. We do not accept any responsibility and are not liable for any damage. If you do not accept these terms you may not use our service.